Friday, 20 September 2013

Face Stockholm Leto - swatches and review

I used Face Stockholm Leto as base when I did my lace nails last Sunday but I think this amazing nude holo deserves a post of its own! Especially today when it's Holo Friday.

It has a gloriously strong holo effect! It's actually holographic in any lighting and in sunlight it explodes of rainbows! It's such a show stopper!

This is two coats and the formula is absolutely perfect! If you thought Color Club's Halo's had a marvelous formula, you should try this one! Even better!


Type of polish: Holographic.

Number of coats: Two, but it's very possible that you can get away with one!

Formula: Excellent! Best holo formula I've ever tried! No signs of holosickness at all. A pure dream to apply!

Brush: Excellent! Perfect!

Top Coat: No.

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. 

Grade: 5++++++/5

I had to search for this polish in almost all Face Stockholm's stores in Stockholm before I finally found one store who had one left! But all Face Stockholm staff were very helpful and did their best to help me. Anyway, it was all worth it and I definitely think this polish is worth its high price (SEK169, £17, $24). The bottle holds 14,2 ml or 5 fl Oz.

How do you like Leto?
Have you tried any other Face Stockholm polishes?


  1. Hi doll, when I ogled your lace mani I actually thought I would love to see Leto on its own :-)!!! It is HOLORIFIC!!! Absolutely stunning and haven't we all gone out there and bought the one or the other bottle of nailpolish tha cost some serious money? Leto certainly is worth every "Oere" you spent on it ;-) puss, puss xxx

  2. Snyggt lack, gillar att det liksom är så "blekt" och nude men ändå så blingigt :P

  3. Nä, det här var nog inte riktigt min grej.

  4. It is beautiful! I think it's worth all the effort to find it! :-)

  5. Jag tror att Face och Color Club är samma lack i olika flaskor. Så har det varit förr alla fall. Då är det här Cherubic? Ja, det är alla fall himla vackert!

  6. Himla snyggigt! Vilken effekt!

  7. Supervackert! Är väldigt nyfiken på om det är som Sminkan tror att det är samma som CC.


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