Friday, 13 September 2013

Cirque Bejeweled - swatches and review

If you read my blog post of yesterday you probably saw that I got a copy of Cirque Bejeweled in a wonderful nail mail from Christine at Polished Marvels. When I got it I felt I just had to try it right away! Off with the present polish and on with this beauty! And my oh my what a stunner it is! Pure royal blue holo perfection! Perfect for Holo Friday! Thank you Christine!!


Type of polish: Holographic.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Excellent! Avoid applying on the same spot though before the first coat has dried at bit. It has a strong smell of Lavender. Not unpleasant but strong. 

Brush: Very nice! Not super wide but still very nice.

Top Coat: Yes. One coat.

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. 

Grade: 5/5

Bejeweled is really like having jewels on your nails sparkling like mad in the sun! Great formula, lovely color, awesome rainbows! The only thing I didn't like was the too strong smell of Lavender. I'm very sensitive for strong smells though. Christine said she hadn't even noticed the smell of Lavender when she tried it. So it might be very individual.

How do you like Bejeweled?
Have you smelled Lavender in any other of Cirque's polishes?


  1. Wow, vilken härlig och stark blå nyans, precis det som jag gillar med holos, det ska vara mycket färg i dem. Superfin, förstår att du ville testa den med en gång. :-)

  2. Det var en färgstark sköning:)

  3. Ciao bella! what a gorgeous blue, the holo effect is so intense! I'm also wearing a holo today, but I'm waiting for the sun to come out to take a nice picture ;) will post it later today. Baci,xxx

  4. Ja, hon parfymerar ju sina lack, Cindy... Jag är inte så förtjust i just det, men annars är lacken härliga. Det här måste jag skaffa ser jag. Emma har i och för sig redan sagt det men nu VET jag. Herrejävlar vilka regnbågar!

  5. Det är så underbart, jag blir alldeles till mig:) Älskar Cirques holon och Bejeweled är helt klart bland mina favoriter. Fantastiska bilder dessutom! Jag vet ju att det är parfym i lacken eller ja, eteriska oljor, men jag har aldrig kunnat säga att det är lavendel. Tur att du har en tränad floristnäsa:)

  6. This is so insanely gorgeous I can't stop looking at your beautiful swatches! Why oh why didn't I pick this up when I was at the store in New York that sells Cirque polishes?! That holo is to die for. And Christine sounds like a great friend!

  7. Here it is and it's just like I thought it would be: gorgeous! :-) And, yes, I want it! :-)

  8. Ooh, I just love this! I must get some more Cirque polishes in my life :D

  9. Hi doll, oh my Bejeweled is insanely beautiful on you!!!! I am so happy to have sent it your way - it is like made for you <3!!!! How funny that I did not detect Lavendar in the smell - I found the Cherry Scent in the Nfu Oh a lot stronger - haha!!! I hope your day at work will go well!!!! So, now on to your todays post - viele Küsschen xxx

  10. This. Is. Insane. *______________*
    I want it, I need it!!!
    P.S.: Jezz you have an e-mail!

  11. Det är verkligen ett magiskt fint lack! Jag ska skaffa mig ett eget ex en vacker dag :)


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