Friday, 21 June 2013

Happy Midsummer!

Today we are celebrating Midsummer here in Sweden! It's Midsummer Eve and many of us sing, dance and barbecue with our friends and family.

Flowers are an important part to! That's why I've been working like crazy this week... We dress a wooden pole with leaves and flowers, wear flower wreaths on our heads and have flower bouquets on our tables.

Another tradition is to pick seven different flowers during complete silence late on Midsummer Eve and put them under the pillow. It's said that if you do this the man or woman you dream of during this magic night is the one you will marry ;)

Please note that everyone celebrates in their own way, traditional or not :) I'll be spending the day with my boyfriend and some friends and I'm just doing the barbecue and flower wreath part ;)

Tomorrow I'll be back with an nail polish post as usual!

Have a nice Midsummer Eve everyone!!

My self made flower wreath! :)


  1. What a pretty wreath you made :) Happy Midsummer to you!

  2. Glad midsommar lilla lady! Hoppas dy får dansa kring "stången" ;) LoL

  3. Happy Midsummer to you, I hope you enjoy your day :)I use to live in Sweden and loved celebrating midsummer! Your wreath looks amazing.

  4. Vilken tjusig krans! Jättefin.
    Glad midsommar :)

  5. Beautiful flower wreath! :-) Happy Midsummer to you! :-)

  6. Happy midsummer to you too hon! Beautiful flower wreath :)

  7. Happy Midsummer to you! It sounds like a wonderful event and your wreath is beautiful.

  8. Happy Midsummer to you (belated). Astrid Lindgrens books were my companions throughout my childhood so I am familiar with this tradition - not to mention the amount of Swedish crime movies I saw in the last couple of years ;-)!!! You made a beautiful wreath, you truly are a giftet florist <3 - viele Küsschen

    1. Thanks pet! :D LOL! Astrid Lingren and Swedish crime - what a combination! ;) Glad you are up to date though! Do you have a favorite Astrid Lindgren book and Swedish crime movie?
      The picture of the wreath is actually from one of my classes but I made the wreath.
      Viele Küsschen!! xxx


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