Saturday, 15 June 2013

Ninja Polish Cover Band Sticks'n Stones - swatches and review

Today I want to show you a great top layer polish from Ninja Polish! It's a really cool black and white glitter mix in a clear base.
Ninja Polish has created a dupe to the immensely popular, and extremely hard to get, Lynderella polish "Connect the Dots". They say it's a tribute and not a copy.
In the pictures below I'm wearing two coats over Marionnaud "Lime Tonic".


Type of polish: Glitter.

Colour: Black and white hex, round and bar glitters and occasional holo micro glitters in a clear base.

Dupe: A perfect dupe Lynderella Connect the Dots.

Opacity: This is two coats.

Formula: Very good! Easy to apply. No fishing for any of the glitters needed.

Brush: Very good! No complaints.

Shine: Shiny on its own so I have no top coat in these pictures. For a smooth surface you need a top coat though.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Accurate.

Grade: 4/5 :)

This is such a fun top coat! Since it's black and white it will also look good on every possible polish! When I got it I didn't know it was holo in it so that was a pleasant surprise! The holo doesn't really show in my pictures but it is there I promise, even though it's very sparse. I will definitely try this over other colors, I'm thinking perhaps over pink next time.

How do you like Sticks'n Stones?
What do you think about calling a dupe a tribute instead of a copy?


  1. Love black and white glitters! You can layer them over any colors :)

  2. Hi doll, what a fun glitter!!! And I love the combination with the Marinnaud, as you say, black and white goes with everything!!! And I love the term tribute, it shows the respect towards the original vs copy is like, it is not too unique to duplicate!!! Viele Küsschen xxx

    1. Hi pet! Yes, isn't it fun?! I love the name to! Very appropriate! Viele Küsschen!!! xxx

  3. Har denna jag också, tycker att den är riktigt fin! Dessutom matchade du den över en riktigt fin färg! :D

    1. Tack! :D Lime Tonic är inte dum alls faktiskt! Gillar den mer och mer.


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