Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Essie Sand Tropez - swatches and review

Today it's nude time! Polish-wise that is! Nothing else ;)
This is Essie Sand Tropez, a nude polish I've been wanting to lay my hands on for quite some time now. A few weeks ago a got a bit Essie crazy and this one got ordered along with a bunch of other Essies.
So let's take a look at it shall we? This is two coats with a top coat on top.


Type of polish: Cream.

Colour: A warm nude shade with a drop of yellow in it.

Collection: Essie A French Affair Collection Spring 2011.

Opacity: Very good! This is two coats.

Formula: Very good! A nice formula which is easy to apply.

Brush: Very good! A nice and wide brush, possibly a tiny bit too soft.

Shine: Very shiny on its own, but I have one coat of Seche Vite top coat in these pictures. 

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Accurate! What you see is what you get :)

Grade: 3/5 :)

This is a really beautiful nude polish but it doesn't really suit my skin tone I'm afraid... Too bad because I really wanted to love this polish... I had such high hopes for this nude. But that's the danger of high hopes, you can easily get disappointed...

Some time ago I wore another Essie nude polish called Playa del Platinum (see it here) which I liked a lot more! Probably because it's a colder nude with more gray and less yellow in it. And of course I have a comparison of these two nudes lined up for you! :) So stay tuned!

How do you like Sand Tropez?
Which nudes do you prefer, cold or warm ones?


  1. Its a nice nude but I totally understand why you didn't like this color on your skin tone. For my nudes,I don't have a preference for cold or warm tones but I like any color that works with my skin tone.

    1. I know, this doesn't really suit me! Luckily I have other nudes that do! ;)

  2. Det är svårt det där med att hitta en nude som passar ens hudton riktigt bra. Själv gillar jag inte nudelack som de är, men de är onekligen praktiska att ha som underkläder!

    1. Ja, det är svårt att hitta rätt! Helt klart!
      Som underkläder är det inte lika viktigt att de passar hudtonen. Då är formulan, borsten och torktiden mycket viktigare! ;)

  3. vad lustigt! Jag satt och valde mellan den här, playa del platinum eller topless & barefoot för morgonens fösta inslag men valde t&b. :D

    1. Är det sant?! Vad roligt! Igår satt jag och tittade på dessa tre! :D
      Ska bli kul att se t&b på dig i morgon!

  4. Hi sweetie, oh what a shame, but I know the feeling so well, while I like it in your photos it can look quite different in various lights, but maybe you will come to reach for it for nailart? Like using it as a canvas so to say? Like you I prefer my nudes to go more greyish or even pink undertones. The only exception is the Opi that was released in the Wizzard of Oz Collection, but I can probably get away with it because it is sheer and even at three coats keeps a jelly quality!! Have a lovely day and viele Küsschen xxx

    1. Hi pet! You are so right! I will probably use this as a base for nail art instead of wearing it alone. I should definitely avoid nudes with yellow undertones - experience had made me rich ;) lol! Viele Küsschen!!! xxx

  5. This colour looked very dead on me which is strange because it's browns I have a problem with not nude. I think the colour is a tad flat but it looks really nice on you!
    I mixed mine with Opi's Mod About You to make a lighter pinky-nude


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