Saturday, 18 May 2013

Essie Snap Happy - swatches and review

Today I want to show you an Essie polish called Snap Happy. It's been too long since I reviewed an Essie! This is a gorgeous juicy orange red which is super shiny! I have no top coat in these pictures.


Type of polish: Cream.

Colour: A bright juicy orange red.

Collection: Essie Winter 2012 Collection.

Opacity: Excellent! This is two coats but if you're not that fussy you could possibly get away with one coat :)

Formula: Very good! A very nice formula which is easy to apply!

Brush: Good! Wider than the older Essie's brushes but I wouldn't mind if they got even wider ;) Actually I think they are even wider on the newest Essies :D

Shine: Very very shiny on its own so I have no top coat in these pictures. This polish almost has that jelly shine to it without actually being a jelly :D

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Accurate! Red polishes are sometimes really hard to capture but this one was very cooperative ;)

Grade: 4+/5 :D

Red isn't really my cup of tea but this one is really gorgeous! It's so bright, juicy and shiny! It makes me happy! ;) It's a shame I can't keep it but now it's going to a really lucky lady! ;)

Do you like Snap Happy?
Are you into red polishes?


  1. Vad komiskt att vi visar samma lack idag :) Ett riktigt fint lack dessutom.

    1. Det bevisar bara att vi har samma goda smak för lack! ;)

  2. Hi love, I love Snap Happy on you, it looks so good on you!!! And yes, I love my reds - just wearing them wayyyyyy too rare ;-). Have a lovely weekend meine Süsse und viele Küsschen

    1. Hello pet! Danke!! You are too kind! :) I love that it is so ultra shiny!! :D
      You rarely wear red. I'd love to see more red on you! Red really suits you!
      But I love your blues and green so much too!!! <3
      I have worked today. I took an extra shift but now I'm watching Eurovison. I really liked your contribution btw! It's a shame it didn't make it to the final..
      Hope you and Nell are having a cozy evening! Viele Küsschen Liebling!! xxx

  3. Jezz, jag vet inte riktigt om jag gillar denna. :( Jag hoppades den skulle vara mer in your face-rött. buhu nu måste jag fortsätta att leta efter den perfekta röda nyansen...

    1. Men den är fin irl! Jag lovar! Men man måste känna för rött den dagen man har den. Då kommer du älska den! xoxo

  4. Really looks very shiny, looks good on your nails! :-) It's not "my" colour, so I don't think I would wear it alone, but I already imagine some white nail art on it! :-)


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