Friday, 31 May 2013

Essence Sunshine and Red Roses - swatches and review

Yay! It's Holo Friday again! :D This is a polish I got in a swop with the wonderful Christine from Polished Marvels. It's large red metallic hearts and red and holographic glitters in a clear base. Here I have layered it over Essie Snap Happy.

This polish is part of Essence Hugs & Kisses Limited Edition Collection. I feel very honored that Christine sent me a LE polish :)


Type of polish: Glitter.

Colour: Large red metallic heart shaped glitters and red and holographic mini glitters in a clear base.

Collection: Essence Hugs & Kisses Limited Edition Collection Winter 2013.

Opacity: Not applicable. This polish needs to be layered. This is one coat over Essie Snap Happy.

Formula: Very good! Easy to control. I had to fish for the hearts though.

Brush: Very good! No complaints.

Shine: Shiny on its own but I have one coat of Seche Vite top coat in these pictures. Also for smoothing out the slightly bumpy surface created by the heart glitters that didn't lay totally flat on the nails.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Accurate. But much more glittery and sparkly irl! ;)

Grade: 3+/5 :)

This is lovely glitter polish which I think looks great over this bright red polish. It screams love and romance ;)
However, (and I'm sorry Christine) I decided to give this polish a 3+ because of two reasons. The first one is that I had to fish for the hearts and the second one is that the hearts didn't lay flat on the nails. They didn't curl (there was no so called taco effect) and it's possible that they didn't lay flat because of my curved nails, but either way it annoyed me a bit. I will still try it again over other polishes though.

How do you like Sunshine and Red Roses?
Do you have a trick for making hearts lay flat on the nails?


  1. Jag gillar den röda färgen väldigt mycket, men är lite mer osäker på hjärtanen.

  2. I love the heart glitter. It's so cute x

  3. Wow, what a beautiful red! And the hearts, it's a very cheerful manicure!


  4. Gulligt lack/layering men jag vet hur det brukar vara med stora glitter. Enda hjälpen av vad jag märkt är att ÖSA på med överlack..nä men jag brukar ta jättebilliga kleancolors genomskinliga lack flödigt över storglittermanikyrerna och sen SV ovanpå för glans och för att torka (nånsin), då brukar det funka bättre iaf. :)

    1. Bra tips! Tack! :) Men härdar SV genom alla de där lagren sen...?

  5. Färgen är fantastiskt fin, däremot vet jag int om jag är så förtjust i hjärt-glittret.

  6. Cute :D Passar fint till dina långa klor! :D xoxo

  7. Vilket häftigt och sött lack!

  8. Hi sweetie, oh no, I am so sorry about those stupid hearts!!! I had no idea that they would behave so badly!!! However the combination looks awesome and totally charming. There are some other LEs from Essence in my cupboard that wait to be sent to you!!! Have a lovely Sunday - Puss xxx

    1. Oh and I forgot, hearts rarely lay flat - only if I don't try to place more than two hearts - i.e. I can place them on the flattest parts of my nail


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