Saturday, 4 May 2013

Orly Mash Up Collection Summer 2013

Yesterday was the release date of Orly's new summer collection "Mash Up"!
It looks really interesting! A nice mix of colors and finishes! I think there will be a polish for everyone in this collection no matter what you prefer ;) We have shimmer, neon. holo, cream and chrome! :D

This collection will also be the first collection with the new bottle, cap and logo! If you compare the two pictures you can see the difference. I have really loved the grey Orly cap so I hope the new black cap is just as great.

From left to right:
Harmonious Mess - A grey lavender cream
Choreographed Chaos - A bubbelbum pink with blue and purple shimmer
Beautiful Disaster - A bright magenta chrome shimmer
Meyhem Mentality - A neon orange
Sparkling Garbage - A murky green packed with holographic glitter
Pretty Ugly - A pale blue with purple iridescent shimmer

I'd love to try the ALL the polishes in this collection, but my favorites right now are Sparkling Garbage and Pretty Ugly!
In Sweden you can get Orly at Åhléns, and and they are all big-3-free.

How do you feel about this collection?
Which one/ones would you like to try?


  1. Jag tycker det ser ut som en bra kollektion. Kommer alldeles säkert köpa några av dom.

    1. Det verkar vara en bra blandning!
      Den lila skulle passa dig ;)

  2. guud va fina =D jag med vill ha Sparkling Garbage and Pretty Ugly!
    ska vi dela? :)

  3. I'm excited for Sparkling Garbage.

  4. Of course, I'd like to have all of them, but my favourites are: Sparkling Garbage and Harmonious Mess :-)

    1. Great pics! They look great and exactly your cup of tea! ;)


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