Monday, 30 July 2012

Illamasqua Heart Throb Nails

This lovely manicure was composed by Illamasqua for their Heart Throb Collection 2011.
It's so cute with the heart shape!

I used the following polishes:
From left to right:

Mavala Super Base
Nails Inc Kate
Nails Inc Will
IMN Out the Door top coat

I think it almost explains itself how it's done ;)

1) Base coat
2) Base colour
3) Heart colour
4) Top coat
Done! :)

I did the heart shapes with the brush of the nail polish but I guess you can use a thin nail art brush to do the outline of the hearts if you want a more perfect shape of them.

You can vary the colours for different looks. Try it! You'll like it! :)

Grade: 3/5 for this combination

I had to use Will and Kate together of course ;)
You know, from the British royal family :)

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