Sunday, 22 July 2012

H&M Nerd with paws nail art

This is a fairly new polish from H&M. To me it's the perfect nude polish :) Nude shades have a tendency to look like nicotine fingers sometimes ;) but I don't think this one does that.
What do you think? Please comment your thoughts!

This manicure reminds me of those blankets or baskets that you can buy for your cat or dog ;)

Close up! They are quite cute aren't they...? :)

In artificial light

Artificial light again

In daylight

Full hand in daylight


Type of polish: Cream.

Colour: Nude.

Opacity: Good. This is three coats.

Drying time: Normal.

Formula: Great! Easy to apply. Apply in thin coats to avoid cracking though. I noticed a tendency to this.

Brush: Ok. Not bad, not great ;)

Durability: Good! No complaints.

Shine: Very shiny! The pictures without the paw print is without a top coat.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: A tiny bit darker IRL.

Grade: 2+/5

It's a good polish, but I don't really like nude polishes...
I like more in-your-face polishes but I wanted to try out a nude :)

However, one pro thing is that a nude polish makes your nails look longer :D

The paw print is made with a black polish and dotting tools.

I know there are plates (like Konad and Bundle Monster etc) with paw prints too, but I think it's tricky to get them right... :/


  1. Soft kitty,
    Warm kitty,
    Little ball of fur.
    Happy kitty,
    Sleepy kitty,
    Purr, purr, purr. ;)

    1. Åh me love this song!! :D

      Gör mig sömnig... gääääääsp! ;)


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