Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ciaté Caviar Manicure Rainbow

I'm back after a few days of blog silence ;) I've been busy experimenting with this exciting manicure :) Hope u find it worth waiting for... ;)

Close up :) It's sooo cool!

Artificial light

In daylight

Full hand in daylight

The micro pearls are so shiny and glittery in the sunlight :)

The rainbow pearls come with Ciatè's polish Strawberry Milkshake which I have shown u before, but u can use any polish u want under the pearls, even a top coat.

This is how Ciatè recommends u to do the caviar manicure.

I, however, have some additional tips for u:
- Apply the second layer of polish GENEROUSLY for better adhesion of the pearls.
- Don't be afraid to press FIRMLY onto the pearls.
- After pressing and compressing the pearls, sprinkle pearls a SECOND time over the nail and press again for a better and more compact result.
- Dab a top coat gently on the edges after 15-20 min to seal the manicure.

Ciatè says this manicure will last up to 48 hours... NO WAY!! Maybe if u just sit on a chair doing nothing AT ALL for 48 hours ;)

I experienced pearl lost after just a few hours but you can easily put a little top coat on those areas and sprinkle on some new pearls. These pearls stayed longer on the nail than the ones attached to the regular nail polish.
Next time I'll add the pearls to a top coat to see if the caviar manicure lasts longer.

This is a party manicure for one night only. Not an every day manicure. But it's easy to apply and it's sooo different and soo cool!

Ciatè's caviar manicure is also available in black and white.

5/5 for the idea and look of it :D
1/5 for the durability :/

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