Thursday, 3 April 2014

Max Factor Fantasy Fire - swatches and review

This polish doesn't need a long introduction ;) most of you already know it. Highly hyped in Sweden and impossible to get hold of here. In England though it's fairly easy to get hold of so lately I tend to buy a bottle each time I'm there :) So far I've got three bottles ;)

Fantasy Fire is a duo chrome best for layering. Mostly it shows its red and orange colors but in some lightings you can see both green and gold. It's really stunning!

In these pics I wear one coat over Rimmel Barmy Blue. There will be a picture spam today because Fantasy Fire really changes depending on the lighting.

In electric light
With flash
In daylight
Sorry for the blur but look at those colors!!


Type of polish: Duochrome.

Number of coats: One coat on top of a blue creme polish.

Formula: Very good! No complaints.

Brush: Thin and straight cut.

Top Coat: Yes. 

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. Much more amazing irl of course! :)

Grade: 5++/5

I liked this polish far more than I thought! I almost always get put off by a super hyped polish but now when the worst hype is over I felt like trying it ;) and I will wear it again (I must - I've got three bottles of it! Lol!)

How do you like Fantasy Fire?


  1. What a stunner. I can see why people love this color so much :)

  2. Hi doll - guess what: I love it!!! I think I have an army of dupes and nearly dupes in my collection and have to admit I like it best as you showed it over blue. And then of course over black or purple ;-)!!!

  3. Niiiiiceee! :-) Now I remember that I have it, but I have to find it somewhere in my drawers... :-)

  4. Haha, jag gillar din inställning, en flaska per tripp:) jag köpte den i somras när jag var i Kroatien och den är ju verkligen sjukt läcker, fast jag har faktiskt inte testat min ännu...

  5. Det är ett oerhört läckert lack. Jag har nog ett par flaskor av den...


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