Friday, 18 April 2014

Funky French Holo Bow Nails

Puh! What a long title for this post! ;) Today it's not only Good Friday but also Holo Friday :) and I've got a holo nail art for you.

The base is TopShop Winterfrost and the pink tip is TopShop Wistful. The bows are made with Barry M Nail Art Pen in pink. A top coat on top.

This is perhaps not my best nail art ever but I think it turned out quite pretty :)

How do you like this manicure?


  1. Jag tänker på en ballerinas spända fot med den lilla skon i rosa, liksom. Sött!!

  2. Sminkans beskrivning är klockren! Väldigt söt manikyr.

  3. Men åh, det här var verkligen sött!


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