Thursday, 24 April 2014

Chevron Nails Tutorial

Time for another tutorial! This time it's on how to do chevron nails :)

You need three different polishes and a top coat, tools to do a clean up because it can get quite messy ;) and a bit of a patience :) Let's start shall we?

Start by painting your nails with one of the colors as base
Paint a wide diagonal line with color 1
Paint a wide line across the first line with color 2
Paint another wide like across the last line with color 3
(same color as your base color)
Add a wide line with color 1 again
Add a line with color 2 again
Add a line with color 3 again
Add another line with color 1 again
Color 2 added again. Keep adding colors in the same
order until you've reach the end of your nails.
The final result after clean up and top coat!

I hope you've found this tutorial helpful! I love the result and you can easily vary it with different colors and textures. Good luck!


  1. Final result's amazing! And what a great colors!:)

  2. Thank's for a great tutorial. Great manicure. :-)

  3. Hi doll - love the result and beautiful color combination! And very understandable tutorial - hmmm - will send you a photo when I try it - OK? Re mess: I started to apply the Opi Glitter Base (which I found useless in its original cause) around my nails when I do something messy. Once I am done, I can just peel off the layer on my skin et voila - very little clean up or none required! Viele Küsschen xxx

  4. Det här är så snyggt! Jag skulle väldigt gärna ha såna här naglar men det vette tusan om jag orkar. Kanske kan testa på en accentnagel nån gång:)

  5. Too much mess but the result is great! I love the colour combination, these are all my favourite colours! :-)


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