Tuesday, 5 November 2013

OPI The Spy Who Loved Me - swatches and review

It's time for a look in the rearview mirror! This polish was released with the James Bond Skyfall Holiday Collection in 2012. Many bloggers showed it back then and as always I get a bit put off when I see a polish absolutely everywhere ;) But I got a mini bottle of it and saved it - until now! :)


Type of polish: Glass flecks

Number of coats: Three.

Formula: Ok but a bit thin.

Brush: Thin - but then again it was an OPI mini bottle.

Top Coat: Yes.

Color accuracy in pictures: A bit more orange red looking irl and the golden glass flecks are more visible.

Grade: 3+/5

This polish is a classic pretty red with an extra feature of golden flecks. They make it glitter in bright lights and give it a metallic look in the shade. Beautiful! However, I'm not impressed with the thin formula. Three coats and still some vnl. Shape up OPI!

How do you like this polish?
Do you enjoy reading about golden oldies?


  1. Håller med Anna, riktigt tjusigt. :-)

  2. Fina bilder på ett fint lack!

  3. Jag tycker absolut att det är kul att se gamla lack också! Den ser rätt läcker ut!

  4. Jag har inte heller något emot att se "gamla" lack och jag är dessutom som du, dvs att om alla visar ett visst lack så brukar jag ofta välja vänta lite med det själv. :)


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