Saturday, 9 November 2013

Isadora Fall Sugar Crush Skittle

Today I've got a skittle for you with almost all polishes from Isadora's Sugar Crush Collection for Fall 2013. The only one missing is Wine Crush but that one was included in yesterdays post.

In this textured skittle I've done two coats of each polish. That was enough for full coverage. They were touch dry in about 15 minutes.

Thumb - Black Crush
Pointer - Emerald Crush
Middle - Chameleon Crush
Ring - Metal Crush
Pinkie - Gold Crush

My favorite is Chameleon Crush. I love the large contrast between lilac and gold.

Which Crush is your favorite?


  1. Det här blev jättefint tycker jag, det är verkligen trevliga lack!

  2. Jag måste ta mig an Chameleon Crush, det ser ljuvligt ut!

  3. Ovanligt snygg skittle! Jag gillar att de harmoniserar så bra med varandra!

  4. Har end Gold Crush men blev nu sugen på de övriga. Dumma dej! :P


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