Saturday, 3 November 2012

Color Club Winter Affair Holiday Collection 2012 - swatches and summary

This is a wonderful collection of polishes that's absolutely bursting with shimmer, flecks and glitter! Let's take a look at it, shall we? Prepare for picture spam ;)

Here are the polishes on their own listed after my likening.

On first place is Gift of Sparkle!
A medium blue base packed with purple and holographic micro glitter.
Click here to see more swatches and a full review.

Gift of Sparkle in halogen light

Gift of Sparkle in daylight

On second place is Ho-Ho-Holly.
A dark green base packed with so much gold shimmer that it looks like a warm glowing metallic green.
 Click here to see more swatches and a full review.

Ho-Ho-Holly in artificial light

Ho-Ho-Holly in daylight

Third place goes to Berry and Bright.
A medium red base packed with red shimmer and glass flecks. In some lights I can also se gold and silver glass flecks.
Click here to see more swatches and a full review. 

Berry and Bright in artificial light

Berry and Bright in daylight

Fourth place goes to Glitter Wonderland.
A medium purple base filled with so much red shimmer that it looks like a warm glowing purple foil.
Click here to see more swatches and a full review. 

Glitter Wonderland in artificial light

Glitter Wonderland in weak sunlight

Winter Affair ended up on fifth place.
A dark purple base filled with so much red shimmer/flecks that it looks like a warm glowing maroon that glows from within.
Click here to see more swatches and a full review. 

Winter Affair in artificial light

Winter Affair in daylight

And last on sixth place is Snow-flakes.
An effect fleck polish with flecks that goes from yellow to orange to red and in some lighting to green.
More swatches of Snow-flakes can be found on my blog.

Snow-flakes over Glitter Wonderland in daylight

Snow-flakes over Winter Affair in artificial light

A short summary of the Winter Affair Collection:

Colours: A good variety of colours. All pretty dark and vampy but I think that's suitable for a winter/holiday collection. Most christmassy is Ho-Ho-Holy and Berry and Bright.

Opacity: Very good actually. All polishes are two coats. With Winter Affair and Berry and Bright you can get away with one coat :)

Drying time: All normal except for Gift of Sparkle which was a bit on the slow side.

Formula: Very varied. Some thin, some excellent some thick. Berry and Bright had the best formula.

Brush: Also very varied. Some thick, some thin. Best brush goes to Berry and Bright :)

Shine: All very shiny without a top coat except for Gift of Sparkle that dried a bit matte.

I really enjoyed trying this collection! It's a really unique and sparkly and glowing collection!
My only concern was that the effect fleck polish just made the other (otherwise gorgeous) polishes look bad... I wish they could have made a sixth shimmer polish instead... maybe gold or silver...? :)

Which one is your favourite polish from this collection?
Will you get some or will you just be window shopping on these ones? ;)


  1. This is a great collection! My favorite is Ho-Ho-Holly :)

  2. Jättefin kollektion. Jag tycker det är en av de snyggast julkollektionerna i år. Den här och Zoyas.

    1. Ja, den är fin och den känns ganska unik faktiskt. Måste sätta mig in i Zoyas julkollektion låter det som ;)

  3. Himla kul att du visade denna, jag har faktiskt klickat hem snow-flakes tack vare dig nu. ;) Jag vet att flakarna är old news i nagellacksvärlden men jag har faktiskt inte klickat hem någon riktig flake innan efter som jag är. :)

    1. Nä, har dy?! Vad kul att jag inspirerat dig att bli med flakes! ;) Hoppas du gillar den!
      Kommer nu köra en Snow-flakes special bara för dig Gelic' i veckan som kommer! :D


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