Friday, 2 November 2012

Color Club Gift of Sparkle - swatches and review

Last out to be shown from Color Club's Winter Affair Holiday Collection is the wonderful Gift of Sparkle! I'm so glad that this collection includes a holo! Every collection should include at least one holo in my opinion! ;)
This will also be my premiere contribution to HoloFriday! :D Finally! ;)

In halogen light

In artificial light

In artificial light without a top coat

In daylight

A blurry picture to show you all that holo! ;)

Close up


Type of polish: Glitter holo.

Colour: A medium blue (yes I was suprised too ;)) base absolutely packed with purple and holographic micro glitter! :D

Collection: Color Club Winter Affair Holiday Collection 2012.

Opacity: Great! This is two coats. One coat isn't quite enough, three coats is just unnecessarily ;)

Drying time: A bit slower than normal.

Formula: Ok, maybe a bit thick, but that can on the other hand easily be fixed ;) Easiest applied with quite a lot of polish on the brush.

Brush: Fairly thick, but a bit too soft. It spread out a bit too much over the nail.

Shine: Dries a bit matte actually so I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures. I strongly suspect this is a bit of a top coat eater but it's so lovely that I don't mind :) For those of you who want your nails super smooth I recommend at least two coats of top coat over this polish. It leaves your nails rather rough.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Quite accurate. Best picture is the halogen light picture. Due to lack of sunshine today I wasn't able to capture the amazing holo effect of this polish... So IRL it's much more holographic and sparkly and glittery!

: 5+/5 :D

This is my favourite from the Winter Affair collection! Probably because it's a holo and I'm such a sucker for holos ;) Maybe not the best formula but not the worst either and it's sooo worth it! ;)
I will do a summary of the whole collection soon so stay tuned ;)

Did you like this one?
Are you also a sucker for holos? ;)


  1. Such a beautiful contribution to HoloFriday! It's very pretty and yes, I love holos :)

    1. This one is my favourite from this collection!
      It's very pretty! :D


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