Wednesday, 21 November 2012

China Glaze Live, Love, Laugh - swatches and review

This a polish from China Glaze Breast Cancer Awareness in 2012. It's very pretty, but impossible to take photos of... I was originally planning to show this during my breast cancer campaign, but during that week I unfortunately caught the flu and was barely coping to post all the wonderful participant's posts.
But better late than never! ;) Here it is!

With flash
With flash
In halogen light
In halogen light
In artificial light
In artificial light without a top coat
Full hand in halogen light


Type of polish: Neon.

Colour: Hard to describe... a bright pink-ish red...? ;) In the bottle it's a bright medium pink.

Collection: China Glaze Breast Cancer Collection 2012.

Opacity: Ok. This is three fairly thick coats. You can still see som VNL though.

Drying time: A bit faster than normal. :)

Formula: Ok. Maybe a bit thin, but not runny. Has a bit of a jelly formula since it's hard to get i opaque but it dries matte as a neon polish.

Brush: Ok. Not thin nor thick.

Shine: Dries matte so I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Not so accurate... I took lots and lots of pictures in all kind of lighting, but it was impossible to capture... The best pictures are the colour in the bottle pictures with flash (the two top pictures). The other pictures are a bit too red looking. This polish changes a lot in colour from the bottle to the nail. It goes a lot more red. It's a nice colour though. Just not the one I expected ;)

: 3/5 :)

This is a bright red/pink neon polish that will look great in the Summer! I didn't expect it to be a neon or to change in colour so much ;) but it's still a pretty colour. And I bought if for a great cause, so no regrets! ;)

Do you also have polishes that have changed
this much from bottle to nail?


  1. Looks so bright in the pictures! It makes me think of summer.

    1. It IS a VERY bright polish! :D
      I think it will look great in the summer!!

  2. Fin men tycker bättre om Color club Warhol B-)

    1. Den är j-ligt fin den!!
      Måste nog låna den igen snart... :P

  3. I love it, neons are my favorites right now :D

    1. Glad to hear you have neons as your favourite now when it's so gloomy outside!
      They really brightens up your day!! :D


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