Friday, 3 August 2012

Comparison OPI Mad as a Hatter and Barry M Silver Cascade. Dupe?

This is the promised comparison of OPI's Mad as a Hatter and Barry M's Silver Cascade. Let's start with some pictures! :)

The bottles

Silver Cascade to the left. Mad as a Hatter to the right.
Silver Cascade to the left. Mad as a Hatter to the right. Here you can see the diffent bases.

They are quite similar, but Silver Cascade is a tiny bit more pink.
This is due to that Silver Cascade has a lightly pink base whereas Mad as a Hatter has a clear base.
So no, they are not dupes, but very very close to being dupes. ;)

But I guess Silver Cascade is a good cheaper option to Mad as a Hatter.
Both of these polishes can be tricky to find but not impossible. 8-)
Barry M has a polish out now called Silver Multi Glitter, but the glitter is much more fine in that one. You can see Silver Multi Glitter here.

I prefer Mad as a Hatter because I don't like the hint of pink tone that is in Silver Cascade AND I love loove looove the name "Mad as a Hatter" :D
Which one do you prefer? Or do you have other dupes? Feel free to comment! ;)


  1. Wow those are really close!! I had never heard of that Barry M shade; is it an older one?

  2. Hi Ruth!!

    Yes, Silver Cascade is an older one from Barry M. Unfortunately they don't make it anymore :( but occasionaly you can find it on ebay and amazon etc.
    The other Barry M I referred to, Silver Multi Glitter, is available in store and online now.

    By the way, I posted your polishes today! :) Hope you get them soon!!

  3. Good to know, thank you so much!!

    Will let you know when I get the polishes :-)


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