Sunday, 30 October 2011

China Glaze Life Preserver with Nubar's 2010

In natural light and with a Halloween twist ;)

Close up in natural light

China glaze Life Preserver is an orange/brick coloured creamy polish.
Full coverage in two coats.
Nice drying time.
Lasting time ok, not great. It's possible that 2010 affected it.

I think these two polishes made a perfect match!
I've had trouble with finding a good match to Nubar's 2010 because I find the flakes mostly orange and not multicoloured like I've seen on other polish blogs pictures, but together with an orange polish it was great!!

The only down side is that it made life preserver more orange than brick coloured and to be honest... that's why I bought life preserver in the first place... Next time I'll wear it alone, it is a nice colour actually! Fairly unique.

The black pumpkin is made with a plate from Bundle Monster.

Grade: 6/10

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  1. Otroligt fin kombo MEN 2010 ger mig Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window- känsla varje gång jag ser den eller blir påmind om den, don't know why, men på dej är den riktigt fin!


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