Sunday, 30 October 2011

Barry M Red Black

In natural light with a matte top coat and shiny tips

In artificial light
Pls note the opposite pattern on the ring finger ;) shiny nail with matte tip :)

In natural light

In artificial light and with no matte top coat. It is naturally very glossy!

About Red Black:
A nice black/red jelly polish. In some lights it looks just black but when you add light you can see the dark red tone in it. It looks like really dark red blood ;) maybe a Halloween polish ;)

Barry M is supposed to be famous for their opaque polishes but this one took three coats to be fully opaque! And this in spite it's a really dark colour!!! Disappointing...

The formula is ok. It has a tendency to be thinner at the cuticles but otherwise ok.

Drying time a bit on the slow side.

I played a bit the contrasts of matte and shiny and ended up with matte nail beds and shiny tips. Fairly nice actually! Try it!

Grade: 6/10

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  1. 6av10 det var lågt! Men den kanske behöver testas fler ggr å på fler testpersoner. Kan dy komma på nån?? ;)

    Om jag säger att 5st lack fr US riskerar att bli gisslan, kommer dy på nån då??



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