Monday, 8 July 2013

Smilla's choice: Misa Lovely Lychee - swatches and review

I while ago I couldn't decide on which polish to wear so picked three randomly and lined them up on the floor. I decided to get my cat Smilla and let her choose for me. The deal was to wear the one she smelled first :)

I put her down in front of the polish line up and she chose Misa Lovely Lychee! (Then she quickly smelled ALL of the three polishes and ran off like her tail was on fire ;) Lol! But she did went for the Lovely Lychee first!)

The other two candidates were Misa Uptown Glamour and Essence I Love Bad Boys.

Smilla in action going for the Lovely Lychee! :)


Type of polish: Cream with some neon qualities.

Color: A very bright, almost neon, pink with a drop of blue in it.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Very good! A tiny bit thick but self leveling.

Brush: Very good! No complaints.

Top Coat: Yes. One coat. It dries a bit matte but not as matte as a true neon polish.

Color accuracy in pictures: Quite accurate. Perhaps that drop of blue in it is more visible irl, but it's still a super bright pink!

Grade: 4+/5

I don't think Smilla could have made a better choice for me! This is a marvelous super bright pink polish that instantly puts you in a good mood! The formula and brush are great too! You need a top coat though to make it glossy.

How do you like Lovely Lychee?
Would you like "Smilla's choice" to become a recurring post?


  1. LoL va gulligt! ja döööör ;) Lychee ser så himla fin ut, får donkey låna den nån gång? :) xoxo

  2. This is a pretty pink! Great choice Smilla made :)

  3. Tjusig rosa! Och ja, klart Smilla ska involveras i lackvalen då och då!

    1. Visst är det en härlig rosa nyans?! :D
      Smilla kommer få hjälpa till fler gånger ;)

  4. Hihi vilken rolig idé, det måste jag testa också med våra katter.
    Hon valde en underbar färg måste jag säga. Jag gillar den verkligen. :-)

    1. Ja, hon är så fin min lilla gris! <3 Testa med era katter! Vad kul! :D
      Färgen är underbar! Man blir glad av den!

  5. Oh how cute!!! Your cat chose well :) My cats don't like the smell of polishes either, one of them gags if he smells to close to the bottle but he always comes back to smell the next bottle I open, silly cat.

    1. She's good my Smilla! <3
      Sometimes cats are really clever but sometimes they could be really silly too ;) But I love them anyhow <3

  6. Hi pet, Smilla's taste is excellent - what a perfect shade she choose!!! It looks so beautiful on you!!! And Misa is such a great brand!! I would love to see more of Smilla's choices :-)!!! And LOL I can just imagine how she fled the room - they can be so funny, no??? I don't see much of Nell these days - he just comes home to check his food bowl and to nap ;- P - have a lovely evening and I replied to your mail :-) - Puss, Puss xxx

    1. Hi Süsse!! :D She's got that good taste in colors from me ;) lol!
      Misa is yet again one of those underestimated brands! I really must get more Misa's!
      Cats can be so funny!! Have you seen the series "Simon's Cat" - a cartoon? I love it!! It's so spot on how cats can be!! :D
      It sounds like Nell is having the time of his life :D You'll get much more cuddles in the autumn and winter!! I'll check my mail right now!! Viele Küsschen!! xxx

  7. Smilla made a good choice, wonderful shade of pink! :-) I like this "drop of blue" in it! :-)

  8. Duktig kisse! :D Kul sätt att välja lack ;)


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