Monday, 11 February 2013

Pupa #M234 Blue - swatches and review

Today it's Blue Monday and I'm showing you another Pupa polish! :D Pupa is an Italian brand and so far I'm positively surprised at the high quality of these polishes :D

This is an amazing dark blue polish with an absolutely gorgeous glow!! It's a blackened blue, but it never looks just black. I first thought it looked like another favourite of mine, H&M's Spending Cash with Carl, but it didn't. This one is a lot darker!

My only concern about this polish is that it has the same "name" or number as the the blue holo Pupa polish I showed you some time ago?! Ok, they came in a duo pack, but really... the same number?!?! It must be some kind of mistake... I'm keeping them apart by calling this one Blue and the other one Blue Holo ;)
So this is Pupa Blue! Enjoy! ;)


Type of polish: Shimmer.

Colour: A blackened blue packed with medium blue shimmer.

Opacity: Excellent! This is ONE coat! :D

Drying time: Normal.

Formula: Excellent! Great formula! No complaints!

Brush: Very good! Good width and length. I only wish it was a tiny bit firmer.

Shine: Very shiny on its own. No top coat in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Accurate, but you can see the inner glow even better IRL! This polish really is amazing IRL!!

Grade: 5/5 :D

This polish has a gorgeous colour and a stunning inner glow! The formula is perfect too (it's a one coater!!). I really like it!!
The perfectionist in me doesn't like this same-number-business ;) but with a colour and a formula like this - I can live with it! ;) 

How do you feel about this polish?
Do you own any polishes from the same brand 
which have the same numbers??


  1. Åhh vilken härlig mustig blå nyans. Gillar den!

  2. det här var en fin blå. Inte särskilt unik, men fin. :)

    1. Den är superfin!! Å i min samling är den unik med sin helt otroliga glöd! ;)
      Bilderna gör den inte rättvisa :)

  3. LoL Pupa Blue;) otroligt fin färg men synd att de inte döpte den ordentligt!!! Hur svårt kan det va liksom!?

    1. LOL! Jag vet EXAKT vad dy tänker lilla lady!!! :P
      Färgen är underbar! <3
      Håller med angående namnet! Hur svårt kan det vara?!?! >:(

  4. Vilken vacker blå! Underbart skimmer.

  5. Vilken härlig blå färg! Jag är supersvag för den här typen av lack.

  6. Hi cupcake - this knocks me out of my shoes!!! Holy bluemania, absolutely stunning!!!! Oh my more name mumble jumble but who carey when ogling those nails??? Have a lovely evening xxx

    1. Hi pet! I know!! Isn't it just breathtaking?!?! I love it!! :D
      LOL! Yes, you kind of forget the name mumble jumble when you see the colour and glow of this beauty! :D
      Take care QT!

  7. It is gorgeous! I don't have it but It reminds me of my Kiko n° 265 China Blue :-)

    1. I love it!! I guess there are many polishes in this cathegory but some are more special than others - like this one! ;)


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