Friday, 29 May 2015

By K Go Around - swatches and review

Orange isn't really my color, but this beauty is not your ordinary orange polish. It has a golden glow to it and it's more of a burned amber color when you look at it more closely. It's really stunning live and particularly in the sun!

Depending on the lighting it shifts from dark coral, via amber to dark red. Very subtle shifts due to the shimmer because it's not a multi chrome or a duo chrome. It shows no shifts under water, which a multi or duo chrome polish does.

The formula is flawless! I did two coats but one is enough if you do a thicker coat. Also cruelty free, vegan, 5-free and allergy certified!


Type of polish: Shimmer.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Excellent! No running, no bald spots! Just perfect!

Brush: Medium straight cut.

Top Coat: Yes.

Grade: 5/5

This polish is totally unique in my collection! Even my boyfriend stopped and looked at it while I was painting my nails, which he never does! He thought it was pretty and he never says anything nowadays after seeing hundreds of polishes ;) I guess you can't get a better grade than that! :)

How do you like Go Around?


  1. Åhhh den var ju suuuupersnygg ju!! :-) Älskar färgen.

  2. This is such a stunning colour! I can imagine it looking so nice in the sunlight!!

    Dina // Love Letters and Lace

  3. Det ser väldigt glossigt och fint ut!

    1. Äsch glowigt skulle det stå. Autocorrect...


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