Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Shimmer Cristina - swatches and review

This is my first experience of a Shimmer polish. I had such a hard time choosing which one to try first  so I went for the one with the same name as my mother - Cristina. My mother is fantastic so I gathered this one would be too! ;)

I'm not sure if this polish qualifies for Green Wednesday but I'll give it a try ;) It is a sort of green/turquoise/teal blend :)

This is Cristina on her own, two coats.


Type of polish: Glitter.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Nice formula for a glitter polish. A bit thick but not gluey.

Brush: Medium thick and straight cut.

Top Coat: Yes, one coat. More needed to get it ultra smooth.

Color accuracy in pictures: My camera kept wanting to capture this polish green :/ but these three pictures are accurate. 

Grade: 3+/5

Maybe I wasn't in the mood for this polish or perhaps my expectations were to high but I was a bit disappointed how this turned out on the nails. So dark and gloomy. However, it is a pretty blend of glitters so a 3+ from me this time :) I really like the red contrast glitters.

How do you like Cristina?


  1. Great color from Shimmer Polish! They make such amazing shades :)

  2. Man kan definitivt ana lite grönt glitter! Jättefint! Hoppas mamma gillar det också :)

  3. This is so pretty! I think it would be awesome for Christmas! :-)


  4. This is super cute. I love micro glitters and my name is Christina so I might have to get this one :D

  5. Den är en av mina favoriter. Älskar det! Men jag är ju lite murrig av mig.

  6. Väldigt vackert! Du får vara med såklart =)

  7. Väldigt tjusigt! Älskar Shimmer och vill ha många fler från dem.

  8. Måste snart skaffa mig några Shimmer. De ser fantastiska ut. Det här var verkligen fint.

  9. I see what you mean about it being a tad darker than expected, it is still very gorgeous though!

  10. Väldigt vackert! Jag har också Cristina men det var länge sen jag bar det :)

  11. Ser väldigt fint ut! Och jag håller med dig, det är skitsvårt att välja Shimmer...

  12. I had to have that one - because of the name of course, though I write mine German! I was though having the same feeling like you - just a smidgen disappointed that it looked so gloomy oh and layering did not help but you captured its sparkles beautifully and it suits you very well!! Puss, puss xxx

  13. Shimmers lacker är såååå fina! Har bara Cassandra själv, men planerar att adoptera några fler inom kort! :D


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