Thursday, 23 January 2014

French Nail Mail!

A couple of weeks ago I got an amazing mail mail from my French instagram friend Caroline! I've already shown a group picture on my instagram but here are individual portraits of each one of them :)

Kiko #440 Electron Blue
Kiko #441 Illusion Green
Kiko #439 Cyber Red
Kiko #437 Intuitive Pink
Kiko #436 Strong Chocolate
Models Own Amethyst
Rimmel Luna Love
Bourjois In the Navy 
Bourjois Stellar Plum 
Alessandro #383

Which ones are you most curious of? :)


  1. Beautiful! Caroline does have a knack for sending awesome nailmail :-)!!! The ones doing all the talking to me are the green and the pink (yes PINK) Kikos. I am also curious to hear what you think about that Models Own - I have two of that line and well - cannot say anything nice about them at all - viele Küsschen xxx

  2. Nice nail mail! Those are some pretty shades :)

  3. Wow, KIKO-lacken ser galet snygga ut. ;-)

  4. Wow, så härligt att ha sådana vänner! :-)

  5. I bougth Kiko Electron Blue and Illusion Green few days ago, still didn't have time to try them :-( but they look gorgeous in the bottle! :-)
    I like also Models Own Amethyst and I'm curious about Bourjois Stellar Plum! :-)

  6. Illusion Green ser intressant ut:)

  7. Wow! What a nail mail you got there jezz! All of them look great, but I'd love to see what models own look like on the nails, and all the kiko too!
    buon fine settimana, cara, stammi bene, xxx

  8. Intuitive pink for sure! Man that looks so pretty!

  9. Kiko-lacken!! Jag vill se Cyber Red och Illusion Green!!

  10. Åh så mkt fint, spännande!


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