Monday, 16 December 2013

F.U.N Lacquer Icy Snow - swatches and review

For today's Blue Monday I've got a fun color changing thermal polish for you! This was given to me as a birthday gift from my great friend Goldie. Thank you so much darling!!! <3

I had so much fun wearing this polish! I kept rinsing my hands in cold and hot water and after explaining the deal to other people they could easy spot if my hands were either cold or warm :)

This polish is not only fun but also beautiful! My favorite is the deep blue version packed with turquoise shimmer. That is when it's cold and mind you, my hands are almost always cold this time of the year ;)

Icy Snow is part of FUN Lacquer's Christmas 2013 Collection and it's 3-free. F.U.N stands for Fabulously Unique Nail :)

The cold version
The warm version


Type of polish: Thermal.

Number of coats: Two.

Formula: Very good! A tiny bit thin perhaps but ok.

Brush: Good - but maybe bit short.

Top Coat: Yes, one coat of Seche Vite. 

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate, but it's so hard to capture all the color shifts! This polish needs to be experienced live! :D

Grade: 5/5

This is my first thermal polish and I like the idea of thermal polishes a lot! I couldn't stop staring at my nails to see what color they were! I like the colors of this one and I'll probably get more thermal polishes soon :D

How do you like Icy Snow?
Do you like thermal polishes?


  1. How cool! Love both colors too :)

  2. Såå läckert, men jag gillar den blåa färgen mest. :-)

  3. Alltså wow, det här var verkligen supercoolt!

  4. Hi doll, awww beautiful on you!!! I also like the cold color best, absolutely unique!!! I do like the idea of thermal polishes but haven't gotten one of which I like both colors, well who knows what I might find.... Viele Küsschen xxx

  5. Va coolt, gillade videon också! :D

  6. Häftigt med så mycket effekt:) jag har ett Dance Legend termolack ståendes hemma som inte blivit testat ännu. Får nog vänta tills våren och längre naglar innan jag testar. Tänker att effekten blir tydligare ju längre naglar man har.

  7. Kul att dy gilla termolacket :D Dy kanske ska säga till folk att den skifta efter humör. Den blå färgen uppstår när dy vill mörda alla å den ljusa när dy "bara" vill skada! ;) På så sätt blir dy lämnad i fred.
    Testa det nästa gång dy har äckelpäckel i blomsterbutiken! I dare U ;) xoxo

  8. I usualy see thermal polishes that change the shade when you put your fingers/nails in cold/warm water... I've never seen a thermal polish with two colours that are so different one from another :-) I like it! :-) I'm waiting for my first thermal polish to come, I'm looking forward to it! :-)


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