Friday, 7 December 2012

#7 Ciaté Mini Mani Month

This little cutie was behind door number seven in Ciaté's advent calendar!
It's called Cutie Pie and it's a soft girly pale pink.

Today's little info behind the door :)

Those of you who followed my series about nail polish history already know this! ;)
If you want to read it click here!

Happy Friday everyone! :D


  1. Gud så söt :) kan även va fin under nån koning, typ Leo elr nåt ;)

    Miss U 2 lilla lady

    1. Ja, det kan bli riktigt fint! :D
      Visst är den lite lik Milkshake...? Fast lite ljusare och skirare ;)

  2. Pretty, pretty! I didn't know this info about nail polish! I'll read your post about history polish, thanks for sharing with us! xx

    1. It's pretty but a bit thin I'm afaid.
      I'll swatch it soon. :)

      Read all five parts of nail polish history when you have the time! It's quite interesting actually and I found so many cool vintage ads while working on these posts! :D


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