Sunday, 19 August 2012

Orly's Fired Up Collection 2012

This is Orly's Fired Up Collection Fall 2012!

As always in the Autumn it's quite dark colours, but Orly has made a twist of it and included a nude and a gold polish. I like that because then you can do cool nail art combinations with them! :)

Here in Sweden these will be released during week 36. You will be able to find them at Åhléns City for example. Now no more talking! ;) Here they are:

Six new shades!

Orly Flare. A gold shimmer metallic.

Orly Flicker. A rusty shimmer.

Orly Glow. A pink-ish nude cream.

Orly Ignite. A redd-ish jelly.

Orly Rapture. A chocolate brown cream.

Orly Smolder. A shimmery mauve.

Three shimmer polishes and three creams. I mostly look forward to trying Ignite and Smolder.
Orly is normally good at formulas and I hope these keep up with the good reputation. I also love the special gripper caps of Orly's bottles! They're always easy to work with and they make the bottle very easy to open.

Orly's nail polishes are 3-free.

Further more I thought I recognized Flare and when I looked through my collection I found Orly's Luxe, also a gold shimmer polish. Are the dupes I wondered...? But at a closer look I don't think they are. Flare seems to be a warmer kind of gold but still - they are both gold polishes. I really love Luxe for i'ts excellent qualities! I don't think I need both Flare and Luxe.
Orly Flare (left) vs Orly Luxe (right)

Will you try any of these polishes from the Fired Up Collection?

Have you already tried one? What did you think of it/them?


  1. Rapture ser fin ut men jag tror jag nöjer mig med min chokladiga Opi Suzi loves cowboys:)

    1. Ja, den är superfin och en chokladig räcker ju liksom! Annat är det med holos! Där kan de aaaaaldrig bli för många!! ;)


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