Sunday, 26 August 2012

Color Club Halo Hues Collection - release date update!!!

The planned release date for Color Club's much awaited "Halo Hues" Collection is POSTPONED! :( No new date is set yet... :/
This is what Color Club said on August 20th:

Halo Hues fans, unite! We have a quick update for you!

We know that you guys are all on the edge of your seat waiting for Halo Hues to be released and we completely understand why. These holographic polishes are awesome!

So here’s what’s going on at Color Club… Because this collection has become so anticipated, and because Color Club is a complete perfectionist, our Halo Hues line didn’t quite make the mid-August release date as previously announced (as I’m sure you’ve noticed). We’re taking this time to make sure every shade, every ounce, every DROP is absolutely flawless and up to our customer’s standards.

As you may know, Color Club uses only the best raw material and unfortunately, sometimes that means the process can take a little longer. We sincerely apologize for any distress this has caused our loyal fans.

We definitely want to keep you in the loop and promise to provide any new information we have. Just know that we make every decision with you in mind. Hang in there just a little longer! 


O M G!!!! I want them noooooooow!!!!
Feel like throwing my self on the floor in a tantrum like a tree-year-old ;)

Do you feel the same OR am I just having a bad day...? :)


  1. I love the 'throw yourself on the floor' comment. I wanted to do this myself when I heard about having to WAIT some more for this collection. I've been stalking transdesign and head2toebeauty daily. I am so happy that an affordable company is putting out holos. I only have a few holos from HITS and Layla...because they are so expensive!!

    1. Hahaha!:D I'm so glad to hear more people feel like I on this matter!

      I've heard that the powder that makes the polish holographic has become more and more expensive, hence the outrageous prices of holo polishes...

      They are pretty late now Color Club... :( 3 weeks...
      Please leave a comment here as soon as you see them available on any site!! I would really appreciate it!! :D


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