Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Color Club Halo Hues Collection Fall 2012

OMG!!! More holos soon to be released!!! :D

I'm very exited to see this holographic collection from Color Club called Halo Hues.
Release date for USA is August 15th and about a month later for Europe.

Six new holo shades!!! <3

Harp On It & Cloud Nine

Halo-Graphic & Blue Heaven

Cherubic & Angel Kiss

Picture belongs to Neverland Nail Blog

Picture belongs to Lacquered Lover

I think they look really promising with quite strong linear holo.

My only concerns are that they are said to be more expensive (HOW expensive I wonder..??) and that it's only six shades :/ They could have done AT LEAST twelve while at it! ;)

Which one/ones are you most exited about? I think I'd like to try the blue one (Blue Heaven) first...!! :)


  1. Omg jag vill ha varenda en :D

    1. We MUST have them all!!!
      In this case the frase "There can be only one!" is not applicable ;)

  2. I agree, I want the blue one, along with the green :-)

    I find it awesome to see a cool variation of my name, by the way :-)

    1. Me too! The blue and the green!
      And then all the others... ;)

      Thanks regarding the name! :)
      Like yours too! ;)


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