Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Comparison neon pink nail polishes - any dupes?

Today I'll show you a comparison of four lovely neon pink polishes! (At least three of them are lovely ;))
From the left: Pink Parka, Beach Cruiser, Depend #34 and Crush in sunlight

From the left: Pink Parka, Beach Cruiser, Depend #34 and Crush in daylight

From the left: Pink Parka, Beach Cruiser, Depend #34 and Crush

As you can see in the pictures I used the following polishes:

Essie - Pink Parka
Orly - Beach Cruiser
Depend - #34
Nox Twilight - Crush

Before I did this comparison I thought I had four neon pink dupes in my collection, but oh dear how wrong I was!! These are NOT dupes! Not one of them! They are all different shades of neon pink! :D

All except Essie are three coats. Essie has four coats and could have benefitted from a fith one actually.

Orly's Beach Cruiser is the most neon pink polish to me - pure neon pink!
I love it! <3

Nox Twilight's Crush has the best formula by far! And the best brush. It glides on effortlessly! The colour changes a bit though after application. It becomes a bit darker and warmer pink than in the bottle. A minus in my book...

Depend's #34 is just... average... I don't know what to say about it really... It's an ok polish.

Essie's Pink Parka has one of the worst formulas I have ever seen! Thin and impossible to work with! And the brush is just terrible! Thin and to long! UGH! :/

And FINALLY - here are the results from the Little Miss Nailpolish jury: ;)

Orly - Beach Cruiser  5/5
Nox Twilight - Crush  4/5
Depend - #34              3/5
Essie - Pink Parka      1/5

Which is your favorite neon pink polish?


  1. I just posted a neon pink comparison too. Love your blog so far!

    1. Thanks! Have to check out your comparison!


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