Monday, 27 August 2012

Barry M Black Croc Nail Effect Polish

Today I played around with a black croc effect polish ;) I tried it over five different colours. Curious? Let's take a look! :)

In artificial light

In daylight

Croc over OPI Green-wich Village and Barry M Matt White

Croc over Zoya Posh, Orly Luxe and Essie Blue Rhapsody


Type of polish: Croc polish (cracks up in a crocodile pattern).

Colour: Black (there's also a burgundy croc available from Barry M).

Alternatives: Ciaté has croc polishes too but only available in two-packs with a normal polish.

Opacity: One thin coat gives the best result.

Drying time: It takes quite a while for the croc effect to appear but it's so worth the wait!! Also notice that the croc polish must be applied on a merely touch dry polish! The base polish cannot be completely dry because then it won't crack up. Full instructions come with the bottle.

Formula: Thin, but this is because a thin coat gives the best result.

Brush: Thin. A wider brush would have been more preferred.

Shine: It's shiny on it's own but a top coat is recommended to seal the croc effect and and to avoid marks. After six hours I can still make a mark in it with my nail = you need a top coat!! :)

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Black is black. What you see is what you get ;)

Grade: 4/5

I hate crackle polishes but I really like this croc effect polish! :D

I noticed that the faster a polish dries, the smaller the crackles get. In my test this means that the blue polish (Essie) dried the fastest and the gold polish (Orly) dried slowest.

I think it looks best over bright polishes. What do you think?


  1. Wow, I've never seen this before!! Is it only found in Europe, or would a US Barry M seller carry it...:-)

    1. Yes, isn't it kind of cool?! :)

      I've done some research and you can order it from Barry M in the UK (but apparently the shipping cost is very high). You can also order it from the US at (but also at rediculous prices) :(

      My fiancé is going to London in October so if you want I can try to get him to buy you a bottle (if still available) and send it to you? :)

    2. That is very tempting, depending on price (hopefully by October my income will be back to normal :-) ) You'll have to let me know how much it is in the stores there and cost of shipping for you (international shipping is very difficult I've noticed!)

  2. nja... jag avskyr crackellack och det här är visserligen bättre, men det är fortfarande för likt ett vanligt crackel ^^

    1. På min blogg får du tycka vad du vill! Alla kommentarer är välkomna! ;)
      Jag hatar som sagt crackel, men det här är coolt på nåt sätt... Kan inte förklara det för jag borde tycka att det är fult... ;)

  3. Sååå fin!!! Jag vill testa nuuu! Vad tror dy om holo som grund? Elr blir d babilur? ;)

    1. Nää, jag tror det blir coolt!
      Jag skulle prova silverholo först! :D

  4. Nice! :-) I really like it over green and white! :-)

  5. I think those two are my favourite combos too! :)


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