Monday, 6 August 2012

Double your nail polish collection ;) & Ciaté Velvet Manicure

Have you ever thought of how a matte top coat totally can transform a naturally shiny nail polish?
And the other way around of course too ;)

So by investing in a matte top coat you basicly can
double your nail polish collection! :D

Here is a good example of this fenomenom:

This is China Glaze Recycle, "normal" and naturally shiny.

Here is the same polish but with a matte top coat on top.
An amazing transformation!!
(I used Rimmel's Proffessional Matte Finish - cheap and good! :-))

It looks almost like velvet nails :) which by the way is the next big thing in the nail industry.
Click here or on the picture below to see Ciatés upcoming launch of their velvet nails. 
So if you don't own a matte top coat yet - buy one! :)

Are you curious of the velvet manicure or are you getting tired of all texture nail polishes?

They say that China Glaze too will release a collection of polishes with texture.
They have chosen a texture that will be like sandpaper on the nails.

Hm... I think I prefer velvet... ;)

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