Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Essie Blue Rhapsody - swatches and review

This is a gorgeous polish with oooooh sooooo bad qualities unfortunately :/ But I've read it's really good for stamping so that's what I'll use it for in the future ;)

In daylight

In daylight - again ;)

Can you see my pink camera reflecting in the nail? ;)

In artificial light

In sunlight

Full hand in daylight


Type of polish: Metallic.

Colour: Light blue metallic with a slight mirror effect.

Collection: Essie's Mirror Metallics Collection Summer 2012.

Opacity: Very good! If you play your cards right ;) this is a one coater! :D I messed up a bit so this is two coats :)

Drying time: Slower than normal. Maybe because the formula is so thick...

Formula: Horrible!! >:( Sorry Essie, it's sad but true... You have to apply it with so light strokes and with a minimal number of strokes in order to avoid streaky nails... Even for a skilled polish painter this polish is a great challange... And after it has dried every tiny single mark is soooo visible...

Brush: Thin and awful to work with, as always with Essie... :(

Shine: After drying it gets a cool mirror effekt (but not as visible as Layla's mirror polishes though) which isn't glossy but... shiny ;) I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures but if you have the patience to wait for it to dry I recommend that you skip the top coat... Blue Rhapsody looks better without a top coat.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Accurate! What you see is what you get so to speak ;)

Grade: 3+/5 :)

This is a BEAUTIFUL polish IF you get it right! :D
BUT to get it right is hard and requires a lot of patience...

Have you tried any other polish from this collection?
Are they better or did you struggle with them to...?


  1. Jag tycker det är riktigt snyggt (på andra med perfekta naglar) med chrome-lack, men det blir aldrig bra på mig tyvärr :/

    1. Jag har inte perfekta naglar, men jag tycker det blev lite snyggt ändå... ;)
      Fast just det här metallacket var en mardröm att lacka med... >:(
      Men som man säger... practice makes perfect! ;)
      Jag har en ridge filler underst, det kanske du kan prova?

  2. Den e fin å den passar din fina ansikte men jag föredrar nog Orly Sweet Peacock trots att den e foil å inte metallic som Essie. :P
    BTW tom H&Ms lack har bättre borste än Essie!!!

    1. Heeeej!!! :D
      ALLA märken har bättre borste än Essie!!!! T.o.m budget-Depend!!! :P
      Ja, Sweet Peacock är verkligen finaste foilen hittills!!! ;)


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