Wednesday, 2 April 2014

H&M Nail Polish Amazon - swatches and review

This is a fairly new polish from H&M! New bottle logo and the new wide brush.

It's a great bright grass green color! I fell in love with it the minute I saw it and it was amazing on the nails too! And perfect for Green Wednesday :)


Type of polish: Cream.

Number of coats: Two - but it's definitely a possible one coater.

Formula: Ok, but a bit weird. It's both a tiny bit thick AND comes with a cuticle flood warning at the same time :/

Brush: Very wide and rounded. I love it!

Top Coat: Yes.

Color accuracy in pictures: Accurate. 

Grade: 4+++++++++/5

I loooooove this color! It's so bright and green! ;) The formula could have been a bit better but I love the brush and I'll wear it again and again :)

How do you like Amazon?


  1. Wow! This is a perfect green polish! I love it!l)

  2. Så himla, himla snygg! Måste ha denna, knepig formula eller inte. :-)

  3. That a lovely shade of green.

  4. O M G Måste ha! Springer till H&M direkt efter jobbet imon. ;)

  5. Wow vilken grön! Jag behöver nog den!

  6. Wow ! This color is amazing ! I never had a nail polish from H&M but I quess it's time to change that soon :)

  7. Ser underbart ut, så glad färg!

  8. Hi doll - to put it sweet and simple: this is "le" green! I cannot think of a more perfect green!!! It reminds me if my beloved Illamasqua of which I forgot the name of course and what a sloppy green lover am I to wear it so rarely - even today no green :-S!!! Hope all is well with you - viele Küsschen xxx

  9. Oh, yes, it is more than perfect for a Green Wednesday! :-) And perfect for a florist! :-) Beautiful bright green! :-)


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