Tuesday, 23 October 2012

UP Colors Holografico Verde 360 - swatches and review

Today, as a treat for my good friend Sabina ;), I want to show you a holographic turquoise polish from UP Colors! I was both surprised and disappointed after having applied this polish. But let's look at it first! :)

In halogen light
In halogen light
In lightbulb light
In halogen light


Type of polish: Holographic.

Colour: A medium turquoise with a holo effect.

Opacity: Excellent! This is ONE coat! :D

Drying time: Slower than normal, probably because the formula is rather thick.

Formula: Weird... Thick and saucy but it stays pretty much where you want it to. Use few strokes to avoid streakyness.. I can't remember having encountered a formula like this... It's so hard to describe...

Brush: Also weird... The brush appears directly where the cap ends and it's too soft... but somehow the brush must be working since the polish stays where it's supposed to...

Shine: Dries with an almost matte finish. I have NO top coat at all in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Quite accurate actually but the holo effect is much more obvious IRL.

: 3+/5

I was surprised that this was a one coater! Holos are normally sheer so that was a good surprise!
But on the other hand I was disappointed in the brush and in formula... I also thought it would be more of a brighter bluish turquoise (the picture on llarowe's site is not accurate at all!!)...
I had so high expectations of this polish which didn't come true so that's why I only gave it 3/5, but don't get me wrong - in the end it is a lovely polish! ;)

What do you think of this polish?
Did it meet your expectations? :)


  1. Ser framemot att testa min älskling den trots det dåliga betyget. Hoppas hållbarheten är någorlunda bra! Se nu till att baka /"städa" lite så kan du få betygsätta även hållbarheten B-)

    1. Du den är redan borta! ;) På mina naglar hinner det inte växa nån mossa inte... ;)
      Å du och H1 ni bara tjatar om baka o baka :P
      Baka själva nån gång!! ;)

    2. LoL e dy lite spänd? Klart vi tjata ingen baka lika goa byllar som dy, så ta det som en kommentar lilla hyggorm.:P

  2. Supersnyggt lack! Synd att formulan är konstig.

    1. Ja verkligen synd...
      Undrar om det är på just detta eller om det gäller för alla UP...?


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