Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Color Club Ho-Ho-Holly - swatches and review

Second out from the Color Club Winter Affair Collection 2012 is Ho-Ho-Holly! I think I'll do this week to the Winter Affair week and show you the whole collection! How does that sound? ;)

In daylight

In artificial light

In artificial light again ;)

In halogen light

A blurry picture so you can see all that gold shimmer!

Close up in daylight


Type of polish: Shimmer (almost foil).

Colour: A dark green base (almost jelly like) packed with so much gold shimmer that it looks like a warm glowing metallic green. :D

Collection: Color Club Winter Affair Holiday Collection 2012.

Opacity: Good! This is two coats. If you do very thin coats you might need a third coat. I did two fairly thick coats and it's completely opaque. :)

Drying time: Normal.

Formula: Hmmm... A bit tricky I'm afraid... At least for the first coat. The formula is rather thin and I had to apply the first coat with very light strokes and lots of polish on the brush in order to avoid bald spots... Second coat applied much better.

Brush: Ok! Quite thin but ok. Strange really, because "Berry and Bright" from the same collection had a much wider brush... :/

Shine: Shiny on its own, but I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Quite accurate. Best picture is the daylight picture. The others are a tiny bit too dark green looking. You can see the gold shimmer much more IRL and it's more sparkly and glittery IRL too!

: 4+++/5 :)

This is an awsome green polish packed with so much gold shimmer that the bottle almost explodes! ;) I really like it even though the formula could have been better. This polish gives me a christmas feeling even though you can use it all year around :)

What do you think?
Does this polish make your heart beat a little faster?
Do you get that x-mas feeling too? ;)


  1. It looks pretty on you! usually I'm not that attracted to this shade of green, I personally prefer darker ones.

    1. Thanks Natalia! I think it suits me pretty good! ;)
      Darker greens can be sooo beautiful too! :D

  2. Väldigt fint! Det rycker lite i köpfingret.

    1. LOL! Roligt uttryck "köpfingret"! :D
      Å mycket passande! ;)

  3. Jag ser fram emot att prova min flaska av det här lacket. Det är väldigt vackert.

    1. Jag borde ha swatchat den för länge sen så fort jag fick den! Men det är lätt att vara efterklok! ;)
      Hoppas du gillar den me sen!

  4. Det här MÅSTE jag skaffa. Älskar hur skimret ser ut. :)

    1. Den här är så fin Pamsan! <3
      Du som gillar grön tror jag kommer älska den!
      Slå till vet ja! ;)

  5. very curious where you buy color club? I am in Germany and dont find it here :)

    1. For example you can get it at transdesign.com or head2toebeauty.com
      They both ship internationally and I've bought polishes from them several times.


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