Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Louboutin nails with Zoya Robyn and Essie Geranium

Today I'll show you the so called Louboutin manicure!
It's so fun to try something different!! And I'm not alone ;) Both Adele and Rihanna have been seen with it lately. Ladies of good taste ;)

Blue on top, red under :)

I love the combination of red and blue/turquoise!

Close up! Isn't this a fun manicure?!?! :D

My inspiration! A Louboutin shoe with the signature red sole :)

Beautiful Zoya Robyn!!!

Full hand picture in daylight

Polishes used: Zoya Robyn and Essie Geranium

A robin's eggs, the same colour as Zoya Robyn! :D

This manicure is not hard to pull off at all!

Start with the red under the nails.

Clear up the mess under and on the nails :)

Apply the blue on top of the nails and finish off with a top coat.

Done! :D

Apparently the signature red sole of Louboutin was born when  Mr. Louboutin himself was bored one day and painted the sole on one of his shoes red with a red nail polish...
True or not...? What do you think?

Will you try this manicure?


Type of polish: Cream.

Colour: Sky blue with a hint of turquoise. The same colour as a robin's egg! :)

Opacity: Excellent! This is two coats.

Drying time: Normal.

Formula: Good. Maybe a tiny bit thick but not disturbingly thick :)

Brush: Small but lovely! You feel you have total control.

Durability: Excellent! As most Zoyas.

Shine: It has a nice shine without a top coat but I've got one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Zoya Robyn is a tiny bit brighter IRL but Essie Geranium is just about right.

Grade: 4/5 for the Louboutin nails (maybe because I'm not used to it yet...?)
5/5 for Zoya Robyn


  1. Sjukt snygg manikyr!!!! Färgerna gifter sig så bra med varandra . En 10 poängare!!! :)

    1. Tack!! :D

      Men skalan går från 1-5 inte 1-10 :-P

      Puss! :-*


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