Friday, 29 July 2011

Nubar Prize

In the shadow

In artificial light

In sunlight

Completely new look after a quick sweep of nail polish remover! Quite nice actually! :)

Nubar's Prize is a fantastic polish in the bottle and the formula is fantastic to work with.

But something happens when you apply it... The fantastic glow from the bottle disappears... The polish left on the nail is nice, raspberry red with silver glitter in it, no wow feeling to it at all...

But then when you go out in the sun it turns into the most amazing explosion of all the colours of the rainbow!!! IT'S AMAZING!!! The posted picture doesn't do it justice at all!
This is why I kept it on for a whole week ;) with no problems at all due to the fantastic quality of Nubar's polishes.

To me this is a summer polish because you need the sun in order to see it's fantastic potential.

Thanks Little Miss Impatient for lending it to me! <3

Grade: 9/10

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