Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ciaté Big Yellow Taxi - swatches and review

On such a dull and grey day like this you need colour!
So here is Ciaté's Big Yellow Taxi!
A nice shade of yellow which puts a smile on your face :)


Type of polish: Cream.

Colour: A bright but sort of pale lemon yellow.

Opacity: Good! This is two fairly thick coats. That's actually very good for a yellow polish! :)

Drying time: Normal.

Formula: Ok. Quite thick formula to work with. Stays where you want it though. I felt that this one needed a top coat to hide the uneven surface due to the thick formula. But after applying one coat of Seche Vite it looked absolutely perfect!

Brush: Very good! Thick, firm and very easy to apply with! :D

Shine: Very shiny on its own, but I have one coat of Seche Vite in these pictures.

Accurate colour, photo vs IRL: Accurate. The best picture is the bottle picture. This is a paler type of yellow. It's not yellow yellow if you know what I mean ;)

Grade: 3+/5 :)

I'm not a big fan of yellow polishes but this type of yellow is fairly nice actually! The colour makes me happy and I think it'll look great in the summer when my hands are a bit more tanned ;)

What do you think of Big Yellow Taxi?


  1. I've had uneasy feeling about this brand since the whole "caviar" thing, but I have to admit, the color yellow here is very happy! It's the kind of yellow you can paint smiley faces on!

    1. I'll definitely have to try doing smiley faces on this one!! Good idea! :D
      Caviar isn't for everyone but do try Ciaté's cream polishes!! They are wonderful!!

  2. Åh, jag som älskar gult! :) Jag gillade detta! :)

    1. Då är de här definitivt ett lack för dig Gelic'!! Det är en fin gul nyans på det här! :D

  3. Replies
    1. You are crazy Goldie!! LOL! :D
      Tänker direkt på din bananblottarbild dy hade förut! LOL! :D

    2. LoL ja,den är härlig!:) synd man inte kan bifoga bilder här på blöggen

  4. Replies
    1. Ja, den är fin. Inte kycklinggul liksom utan mer pastellgul :)

  5. Härligt lysande gult! Man blir glad :)


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